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Campaign Issues

Jobs:  The key to economic recovery is the creation of more jobs. We believe that it is absolutely essential to get everyone willing and able to work some type of employment. We are strong advocates of training people to get the skills necessary to function in the 21st Century. We currently post an extensive list of employment opportunities on our website to help get the word out about the latest and greatest jobs offered. If we help can get people working, we feel it will go a long way towards ending this recessing.

Housing:  We believe it is critical that everyone be able to obtain affordable housing. The economic losses suffered by most homeowners are absolutely staggering. We believe the banks should give homeowners who have lost equity in their homes some type of principal reduction to reflect the reduced value of their homes. We, as taxpayers, have helped to bail out the banks and now it is time for the banks to help bail us out.

Education:  We are strong believers in education. We want to make sure the State of California does everything possible to save our Stateís education system. If we donít invest in our childrenís future now, we will have to pay later. There is no way California, and for that matter, the US as a whole, can maintain our status as an industrial and technological leader if we donít have a well-educated workforce. For us to maintain our competitive edge world-wide, we need to continue to provide a quality education to our young, and keep American workersí skills up-to-date. We will do everything we can to endorse and pursue any legislation that will help keep our education system strong and reverse the recent downsizing and layoffs of our teachers. We believe education should continue to be free and we pledge to continue to oppose the recent university fee increases that are putting a quality education out of reach of many lower and middle income students.